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Why do Beethoven, Bonn and the region need the Festspielhaus?

10 good reasons why we are committed to building a new Festspielhaus in Bonn :

1. Ludwig van Beethoven was unique, and even today moves people all over the world with his musical work.

2. Bonn as the birthplace of Beethoven has a national responsibility and an unique opportunity at the same time. The citizens of Bonn are proud of the heritage of their great composer.

3. In 2020 Ludwig van Beethoven celebrates his 250th birthday; in 2027 the world commenmorate his 200th deathday. This will give the city of Bonn an unique opportunity to present itself as Beethoven’s city worldwide.

4. Therefore, the Deutsche Post DHL, the Deutsche Telekom and Postbank have carried out an elaborate selection process in recent years. As a result, there are two designs from internationally renowned architects who provide undisputed world-class architecture and acoustics, in a fully planned and calculated stage.

5. The Budget Committee of the German federal government has decided an endowment of €39 million to promote the Festival Hall as a center for Beethoven‘s legacy, and therefore more donors like the state of NRW, the Rhein- Sieg-Kreis and the Sparkasse Köln-Bonn have also pledged their support.

6. If the local political decision is made for the Beethoven Festspielhaus within a short period of time, we remain with the chance that citizens, businesses and major sponsors will support the project.

7. For the privately funded construction of the Festspielhaus, the city of Bonn does not financially contribute. The city only provides the land, ready for construction. For the ongoing operation, there are substantial commitments, so that the proportion the city pays is regulated.

8. Bonn gets a musical building for all citizens with a wide range of performances. The Festspielhaus is the seat of the Beethoven Festival Bonn and the Beethoven Orchestra. Premium quality is guaranteed - all classical music, Jazz, U-Music, Cross-Over and services for children and young people.

9. With the Festival Hall in Bonn, an architectural landmark with an international reputation, will be created. It will draw attention to the region, the impressive museums, the many other platforms and to the institutions of science and politics.

10. The entire cultural scene, the economy in the region and all citizens in Bonn would benefit from this dynamic expansion because the Festspielhaus makes our city more attractive, vibrant and colorful. Bonn invests in the future with the decision for the festival hall. UN secretariats, companies with future technologies and world-class culture make Bonn a magnet for visitors and even more attractive for investors.