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Prompted by the unforgettable citizen of Bonn Karin Hempel Soos , the Bonn based corporations have madea start and supplied the idea ofthe Beethoven Festspielhaus with a first payment out of belief. The Deutsche Post AG will supply 30 million euros for this project. Other resources of the state and federal governments are available for use. For sustainable solutions for the operation of the Festspielhaus, the city of Bonn can count on Bonn's economy and on sponsors such as the Deutsche Telekom AG, the Rhein-Sieg Kreis, Sparkasse Köln-Bonn and other supporters. But that alone is not enough.

Civic Engagement

To assist in the financing of the Beethoven Festspielhaus and to add a strong civic component to the entrepreneurship, the initiative " 5000 for Beethoven" was established under the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce President Wolfgang Grießl and his friends. It has the set goal to show that the commitment of the major sponsors reach the heart of many people, especially the citizens of Bonn, and to find and mobilize as many people as possible to support the construction of the Beethoven Festspielhaus Bonn actively with large and small amounts.